Loudonville Baptist Temple

Lunch with Pastor Steven

I have been meeting monthly with Pastor Grover (Maranatha Baptist, Hayesville), Dr. Bruce Martin (General Practitioner, Mansfield, OH), and Bradley Edmondson (Medical Missions Outreach) about the possibility of helping some Ugandan pastors/churches/missionaries.  Yesterday, we met and had lunch with a Ugandan Pastor; Steven.  He had much insight into the state of Christianity both in his country and in the US.  For an hour and a half we asked questions and he poured out his heart.   His desire is for more Ugandan pastors to have some training in order to teach their people the truth.  One observation he made, that I have not been able to stop thinking about, is that American Christians are not hungry for the Word of God.  Even though in his country, many pastors do not know the Word (some can’t even read) and cannot give people a Bible message, the Ugandan people are hungry for the truth.  There is so much doctrinal confusion in many of these African countries and many of the pastors just follow the latest fads…WE MUST HELP!  Please pray about a possible trip to Uganda in 2014.  Also, please pray that the Lord would guide us, protect us, and give us wisdom as we proceed with this help. It is also our desire to assist current missionaries already in the country.  The needs are so overwhelming, it is hard to know where to start!

Posted in Pastor's Blog on February 28, 2013.