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Discipleship planning in 2014

Now that things have settled down in the new year and the weather has most of us holed up inside, it is time for the disciple of Christ to develop a plan for growth and outreach this year.  To quote Dr. Bob, “He who aims at nothing always hits his mark.”(for those who do not know him, he is a retired pastor of 55 years, and member of LBT). Since this is a true statement, what plans are you making to grow in grace?  What plans are you making to invest your life into the life of someone else?  What plans do you have to discover your gifts and put them to use for the Lord?  If you fail to plan now, you will come to the end of 2014 and have accomplished nothing!  What a shame it is for disciples of the Lord Jesus to drift along in their lives. If you would like help discovering how the Lord can use you please see Pastor Koehler, Pastor Seaman, or another godly friend and ask them to help you develop a plan!  Won’t it be tremendously gratifying to look back on 2014 (if the Lord does not return!), and count up all of the blessings from growing and serving the Lord?

If you would like to share your plan with pastor…please email him!

Posted in Pastor, Pastor's Blog on February 6, 2014.