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Book-Cover_Slider_BTWAARecently, I was given the privilege to be on the radio with Pastor Al Davis (Bible Baptist Church, Richfield) to discuss a topic that every church and every church member will face in today’s culture.  The topic: The Biblical Eunuch.  You may be thinking, why would I have to face this today? We believe the doctrine of the Biblical Eunuch is the biblical answer for many who are confused about their sexual identity and identify themselves as gay.  Many people are drawn into the gay lifestyle because they believe that the Bible has no answer for why they are not attracted to the opposite sex.  Because of this confusion, and because of our cultural hyper-sexualization, many people have felt that the only answer is that they are gay.  I believe the Bible addresses this through the doctrine of Biblical Eunuchism.  The Biblical Eunuch is a person, according to Jesus’ definition Matthew 19:12,  that is “so born from their mother’s womb” to remain faithfully unmarried.  This truth has helped hundreds of people who are confused as to why they have no opposite-sex attraction.  To be sure, God did not create them with same-sex attraction either, but, because Satan has distorted a desire for same-sex closeness (which we all have), they have come to believe they must be gay.  When in truth, many people have been created and gifted by God to remain faithfully unmarried. These chosen servants were born with a unique purpose: that they may serve God faithfully without the encumbrance of a marriage and family.  Dr. Johnny Nixon wrote a book on the subject called, Born That Way After All, that deals fully with this vital truth.   Dr. Nixon was also on the radio with Tom Wallace, of Fortress of Faith ministries.  Below are the links to hear Dr. Nixon and me on these radio programs.


Dr. Nixon Part 1

Dr. Nixon Part 2

Pastor Koehler on “Late Night with Pastor Al”



Posted in Pastor, Pastor's Blog on December 8, 2015.