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A worthy request….Please Pray

Dear Pastor,

Greetings from Ghana, W. Africa, this is Bro. Matthew Siekbert. I hope all is well and we thank you for your faithfulness to our family. If it were not for you we could not have been here these past 10 years serving the Lord.

We would like to ask you and your church to consider assisting Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church in Sekondi, Ghana with some church property. I have prayed about this subject of asking for help on buying property for our church. If you cannot help us I will take no offense. As I was considering whether to ask for help in purchasing this property I thought about a few things. I thought about those churches that have already invested prayer and financial support into this work and how you have a vested interest in this church plant entering its next phase of having their own meeting place to worship. Having a place to meet and worship would be a great boost in them becoming fully indigenous.

We have been negotiating on some land in the booming town of Sekondi for a purchase price of about $40,000. This is a tremendously good price for this area and for the property we would be getting. We certainly don’t want to miss out on this opportunity that we believe the Lord has put in front of us. Sekondi, Ghana has over 122,000 people and growing. We have $10,000 to put toward this purchase and need only $30,000 more. If 12 churches gave $2500 a piece we would reach our goal or if 30 churches gave $1000 a piece we would reach our goal. Can you please pray about making a commitment to this worthy project?

By God’s grace and goodness we now have a young church with its own African Pastors at Cornerstone Biblical Baptist Church. As you have probably already read in our prayer letters, Prince Tackie and Koasi Amuzu are now preaching and running this young church. My brother and Pastor came to Africa this past May and we were thrilled to ordain these two men who have been in training under my direction and in our Bible institute for 8 years now.

If you need further information from us, please feel free to either email me at thesiekberts@gmail.com or call my Pastor James R. Siekbert Jr. at 330-416-4054. Please make any checks payable to Chippewa Lake Baptist Church and put in the memo, “land project”. The church’s Sending Address is: 5326 Chippewa Rd. Medina, OH 44256.

Yours truly, for God’s glory

Matthew Siekbert

Ge. 30:33a

Note from Pastor Koehler… If the Lord lays on your heart to help, you may give through LBT and we will make sure it gets to Brother Siekbert!

Posted in Missions News, Recent News and Updates on February 26, 2013.