Loudonville Baptist Temple

A seat at the table…

table logoWe want to introduce you to our new app called “the table”.  This is a great way for everyone in the church to stay connected with one another and receive updates about needs within the church and prayer request updates.  Once you download the app and signed up for an account, you can join the many different groups we have established and then customize the app to suit your needs.  If you have an android phone click here for the app.  iPhone and iPad users click here.  Anyone who does not have a smart phone can use the app through the website, www.loudonvillebaptist.table.org.   Once you have established an account, you may volunteer to help with need postings and let everyone know you are praying for a need or prayer request… right from the app.  There are also opportunities to receive message that are group specific, and participate in group discussion based around a certain topic.  In order to help orient everyone to the power of this great tool, there are help videos you may watch, and we are planning to have an orientation session after an evening service to assist those who want to use the app but have questions.  There are a number of others ways this can become a helpful resource for everyone at LBT.  Sign up today!

Posted in Pastor, Pastor's Blog on January 6, 2015.