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A “new addition” to our missions family – News from Uganda

James 5.20 – “Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.”

Leading Some to Christ!   Let me jump right into this letter and just say that our March revival week went well.  Attendance was low but people had the right spirit.  I preached five messages on five battlegrounds of the Christian life.  Testimonies later revealed God’s Word made a difference.     Saturday March 16th we had two house appointments with people who visited the church.  The first was Frederick and his family.  He and his stepmother listened while I presented the gospel and then they made professions of faith in Christ.  The second appointment was with a man called Kasango.  He took to heart the messages I had preached.  His written questions revealed his readiness to receive the Lord.  Not wanting to push the issues I gave him a simple answer that is key in understanding the Word.  I said, “Kasango, the Bible is not a Book of option, but One of Command.”  Christ is not only asking people to receive Him.  He is commanding, “Ye must be born again.”  Kasango was not rebellious but needed the truth presented directly.  He came to church Sunday morning and gave his life to Jesus Christ.   Milton led him through the Scriptures.  Kasango told us later that the words I said helped him make the right decision.  People need to know the Bible commands us to receive Jesus.  Boldly proclaiming the truth is leadership our generation lacks much of the time.     Our April Bible distribution was deep in the markets of Kampala City.  We drove around several times and could find no parking.  The men had to take a dolly carrier with boxes of Scriptures down to where they could deliver them while I drove around and returned.  We distributed only five boxes of materials, but our men thought it was a very good location in which few might otherwise have had an opportunity to receive them.     April VBS, otherwise called Five O’clock Club went well.  We taught a series on men who found the right way to worship God.  The lessons present salvation in the way Bible characters received the Lord.  Four kids received Christ.  We also played a game we learned from a supporting church about choices.  Ugandans know little of cause and affect.  The game teaches that choices or lack thereof led to an outcome.

Loving God’s Protection!   The love of the Lord is easy to see when He is protecting your family!  Morning, April 2nd my younger son, Abraham, came in to tell us a snake was in the drive.  Our children, never seeing a snake here, watched as our three year old moved closer.  I ran down the stairs and out the door in time to call them away.  There it was, 30 inches of green evil coiling about.  Taking a flat shovel, I severed its upper body several times praying.  From what a local told me and what I understand from the Internet it looked to be a green Mamba.  A black Mamba can reach 12 miles an hour.  The green Mamba is slower but both a sure death.  The local told me it would take about 5 minutes to die from a bite.  It had a hair line cut on its body.  It is possible the dogs got to it first, but no way to know.  Remember to pray for us!  It can make all the difference in the world.

Latest Birth Report!   Our children finished their school year, Friday, April 12th.  By Sunday morning we were at the hospital.  On Monday, April 15th God gave us a little girl at 4:50 PM, Leah Joanna Siekbert.  Complications caused a C-section but mother and baby are doing fine.  Her doctor said later if he delayed longer on doing surgery we would have been looking at a distressed baby situation.  Thank the Lord for another miracle!  This time it took the form of decision- making as he counseled in the labor ward.  Pray for Madelon!  It will take time for her to heal.  Please pray for Leah!  It is critical she not get malaria, especially in the first six weeks!     More great news!  My parents and one of my sisters will visit us for two weeks in early July.  Please pray for their safety.  We can hardly wait!     Please pray for the following events.  Our Genesis course is near the halfway mark.  We will have an unscheduled Bible distribution in June.  We are also planning a youth activity for June 28th among other ministry responsibilities.   Better equipped with your prayers!!
Grace and Peace!!!!!!!
Charles Siekbert
Missionaries, Charles & Madelon Siekbert & Kids 1 John 1

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